Apostille Service

If your business, corporation, or LLC is planning on expanding to foreign countries outside of the US and/or US territories, you are required to file certain certified documentation in order to do so. This documentation is referred to as “Apostille documents” and there are very specific procedures that must be followed in order for this documentation to comply with international requirements. Because these documents are evidence to foreign countries that your business entity is legally permitted to operate outside of the US, it is imperative that the documentation be true and correct.

The type of apostillized documents that are required depends specifically on how your business entity is filed. Corporations, for example require an apostillized copy of the Articles of Incorporation and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) require an apostillized copy of your Articles of Organization.

These documents are so important, that your business will be required to obtain them in order to open a bank account in most foreign countries; some of which even require a gold seal on the documents as proof of their legitimacy.

CBA Direct always recommends seeking the advice of legal counsel prior to proceeding with any changes or additions to your business entities standing. If you have done so and have determined to expand your business internationally, CBA Direct is standing by to assist you in the process of obtaining the apostille services required to certify the necessary documents. Simply contact one of our highly trained specialists today!

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