Foreign Qualification

Transacting business in another state or several states.

What is Foreign Qualification?

Foreign qualification also referred to as Certificate of Registration is the process of registering to conduct business in another state other than the state where your business is formed or incorporated. LLCs and Corporations are often required to register as foreign entities when they are conducting business in other states.

There are certain business scenarios that may require you to register as Foreign Qualification.

  • Physical address in another state
  • Paying employees in another state
  • Bank account in another state
  • Business holds real estate in another state

To be sure if you are required to register as a Foreign Qualification contact the Secretary of State in the state in which you are doing business.

Steps to registering a Foreign Qualification:

Name Search – A preliminary name search must be completed to make sure the name is available in the state where you plan to file the Foreign Qualification.

Supporting Documents – Most states when filing a Foreign Qualification will require that you obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the state where your business is formed.

Registered Agent – When filing for a Foreign Qualification you must also maintain a Registered Agent in the state in which you are doing business.

Certificate of Authority – The document that must be prepared and filed that will give you permission to operate in another state is a Certificate of Authority.

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