Registered Agent

What is a registered agent?

All Corporate entities are required to maintain a Registered Agent including LLCs, Corporations, Nonprofit and registered Partnerships. The registered agent is responsible for maintaining a physical address in the state of incorporation, qualification or registration and must be available during normal business hours.

The Registered Agent is responsible for receiving legal and tax documents on behalf of incorporated entities including:

  • Service of Process—which initiates a lawsuit
  • Important state mail including annual reports or statements
  • State tax documents

Advantages of Creative Business Assistants’ Registered Agent Services

  • Annual Report filing alerts. We ensure that registered agent customers receive their annual reports and ongoing alerts to ensure timely filing. We stay on top of compliance requirements to keep your business in good standing.
  • Efficient and prompt handling of official documents. We provide prompt handling of important state, tax, and legal documents received on the behalf of your company.
  • Professional Service of Process delivery.  Any documents received will be scanned and emailed to you for prompt viewing.
  • Exceptional customer service. Our team is available by phone, email, or chat to answer questions you have about your account and compliance.

Compliance Experts

Creative Business Assistants are compliance experts. We provide national registered agent services and we take pride in assisting business owners stay in compliance. We are always here to help so that you can focus on operating your business. “Your Business is Our Business”

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